Conservation Education

Provider Pals© is a cultural exchange program that links urban classrooms, rural classrooms, and the people who get their hands dirty every day - farmers, ranchers, miners, loggers, oil field workers, commercial fishermen, and others who provide the basics of everyday life. These diverse cultures join together to teach each other about their very different ways of life and to address the fundamental question “Where does my stuff come from?”.

Use It Wisely conservation campaign makes smart water-use fun, easy and practical for everyone. This campaign is all about giving voice to water – your voice. No matter where you need to get the water word out – business, home, classroom, or municipality – we've developed a variety of ways to use WUIW as a tool to help spread your own unique water conservation message.

The goal was simple: to encourage, inspire and inform people about the benefits of a simpler, less material lifestyle, and the importance of protecting our natural environment as the source of our well-being.

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