Sweetwater County Conservation District
Land and Resource Use Plan and Policy

A. Five-Year Summary of Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILT) to Wyoming Counties: 1998-2002

B. Economic and Demographic Profile of Sweetwater County, Wyoming [Bureau of Economic Assessment Regional Facts Sweetwater County, Wyoming 1993-2003]

C. Sweetwater County Comprehensive Plan (August 6, 2002)

D. Resolution 96-12-CC-01, R.S. 2477 Rights-of-Way Sweetwater County, Board of County Commissioners (December 17, 1996) (maps on file at county office and available for review at the District office)

E. Sweetwater Conservation District Resolutions

F. Joint Resolutions, Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts, Wyoming Stock Growers Association, and Wyoming Wool Growers Association, 2002 Mega Ag Convention

G. Office of State Lands and Investments Strategic Plan, July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2008 (September 1, 2003)

H. Executive Summary of Scientific Inventory of Onshore Federal Lands’ Oil and Gas Resources and Reserves and the Extent and Nature of Restrictions or Impediments to Their Development, IN COMPLIANCE WITH ENERGY POLICY AND CONSERVATION ACT AMENDMENTS OF 2000, PUB. L. 106-469, §604 (January 2003)

I. Flora Sweetwater County Vegetation

J. 2003 Declared List of Weeds and Pests, Wyoming Weed and Pest Control Board, as amended

K. Wildlife & Domestic Animals

L. Threatened and Endangered Species, Sensitive Species

M. BLM Wyoming Sensitive Species Policy and List (2002)

N. Executive Summary of Black-footed Ferret Recovery Plan Review (July 1992)

O. Final Wyoming Gray Wolf Management Plan, Wyoming Game and Fish Commission (July 6, 2003)

P. Wyoming Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan (Wyo. Game and Fish Department) (June 24, 2003)

Q. Green River Basin Water Plan, Executive Summary (February 2001)

R. Green River Basin Water Planning Process, Final Report (February 2001)

S. Green River Resource Management Plan Record of Decision, October 1997

T. Wyoming Conservation Districts, Watershed Strategic Plan (approved November 20, 1996 and revised November 16, 2000)

U. Wyoming Nonpoint Source Management Plan-Update (March 2000)

V. Best Management Practices for Grazing, based on “Grazing Best Management Practices, Wyoming Nonpoint Source Management Plan, March 1997.”

W. Memorandum of Understanding between Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management and Public Lands Council on Cooperative Rangeland Monitoring (January 30, 2004)


a href="docs/W-1_Tech_Ref_1730-1.pdf" mce_real_href="http://wsm.ezsitedesigner.com/W-1_Tech_Ref_1730-1.pdf">W-1. BLM Technical Reference 1730-1 Measuring and Monitoring Plant Populations (title page) (Entire document can be found on the Internet at http://www.blm.gov/nstc/library/pdf/MeasAndMon.pdf or reviewed at the District Office)

W-2. BLM Technical Reference 1734-3 Utilization and Residual Measurements, Interagency Technical Reference (rev. 1999) (Entire document can be found on the Internet at http://www.blm.gov/nstc/library/pdf/utilstudies.pdf or reviewed at the District Office)

X. Riparian Area Management, Riparian Wetland Soils BLM- Forest Service Technical Reference 1737-19 (2003)

Y. Wyoming Standards for Healthy Public Rangelands (January 1998)

Z. Animal Damage Issues

Z-1. Memorandum of Understanding Between Wyoming Animal Damage Management Board and Wyoming Game and Fish Commission and Wyoming Department of Agriculture and United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Wildlife Services (May 1, 2002)

Z-2. Wyoming Animal Damage Management Board Strategic Action Plan, 19992004

AA. Mountain States Legal Foundation, Rock Springs Grazing Association v. Andrus, 12 Envtl. L. Rept. 20,105 (D. Wyo. 1981)

BB. State of Wyoming v. U.S. Department of the Interior, Consent Decree

CC. Uintah County v. Norton, Civ. No. 00-482J (D. Utah 2001)

DD. Bureau of Land Management Wyoming Wild Horse Herd Management Area Map (boundaries of herd areas are provided for information purposes only and are not necessarily endorsed by the SWCCD)

EE. Wilderness Study Areas Green River RMP, Map 28

FF. State of Utah v. Norton , Order of Dismissal and Joint Stipulation of Settlement, Civ. 96-0870 (D. Utah)

FF-1. BLM IM-2003-275 change 1, Consideration of Wilderness Characteristics in Land Use Plans (Excluding Alaska)

FF-2. BLM IM-2003-274, BLM Implementation of the Settlement of Utah v. Norton Regarding Wilderness Study

FF-3. BLM IM 2003-195 Rescission of National Level Policy Guidance on Wilderness Review and Land Use Planning (June 20, 2003)

GG. State of Wyoming v. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 297 F. Supp.2d 1194 (D. Wyo. 2003) appeal pending, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, Civ. No. 03-8058

HH. Wyoming BLM Historic Trails Map and Legend

II. Tread Lightly Program

JJ. Wyoming High Priority Interface Communities Map and Legend

KK. Fire Management, Green River Resource Management Plan, Map 4

LL. Fire Management Plan, Southwestern Zone Wyoming BLM, draft 2003

MM. Owyhee Initiative, “The Owyhee Landscape Conservation Initiative Proposal

NN. Fire Management Plan, Southwestern Zone Wyoming BLM 2004

2011 Additions

Sweetwater County RS2477 Resolution No. 11-02-CC-01

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