As land owners, manager, and resource providers in southwest Wyoming, we are in the midst of difficult and challenging times. Society’s changing and controversial attitudes concerning the management of public lands becomes more pressing and closer to home each year. We must take the lead in fostering an attitude within our communities on the positive influences and benefits of business and industry in the West.

The Resource Rendezvous has been developed to educate the public on social, economic, and environmental issues. The event is being organized by people from mining, oil and gas, timber, agriculture, recreation, education, and service-related industries. Tours and booths will help educators, students, and the general public to understand how industries provide social and economic stability within the community.

Participation in the Resource Rendezvous is being encouraged and may be in a variety of manners:

  • develop and staff informational/interactive booths during the exposition;
  • assist during student tours and while traveling to/from tours (e.g., historical or geological information);
  • offer tours to students, in industries ranging from mines to ranches to restaurants
  • financially sponsor any area of the event; or, make presentations to groups to solicit financial support.

Those willing to participate in any manner are encouraged to contact Tammy Valdez at: 307.362-3771 or assistant@rockspringschamber.com

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