Supervisors & Staff

Elected Supervisors

Mary Thorman

Mary Thoman - Board Chairman

Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative - Executive Committee representative for seven SW Wyoming counties-a special federal initiative to provide for habitat improvement projects in the heavily mineral impacted SW Wyoming counties (see for more). Two-term Chairman of WLCI.

CLG Executive Committee - A Coalition of Local Governments consisting of four county commissions and five conservation districts in SW Wyoming (Sweetwater, Lincoln, Uinta, Little Snake River in Carbon County and Sublette). The CLG meets monthly to review federal plans and projects. They work with a legal, technical, economic, and wildlife team of experts to draft comments for forest and Bureau of Land Management plans and projects.

Big Horn Sheep working Group -Former Governor Geringer and Senator Thomas assisted the group of interested individuals and organizations in the initial stages. A Big Horn -Domestic Sheep Plan for Wyoming was developed and approved by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission. Numerous protocols were developed for the Wyoming Game and Fish and others to follow when dealing with big horn sheep. The group was instrumental in obtaining a research component for Wyoming domestic-wildlife disease issues. The Legislature provides funding. The group meets annually to discuss the latest research and anything related to big horn sheep or domestic sheep interactions. (Plan is available on the WG&F web site)

Big Sandy Working Group - Federal livestock grazing permittees, interested parties, and the Bureau of Land Management have met for over ten years to address wildlife and domestic livestock issues along the Big Sandy River. A 50-year vision and monitoring plan have been developed. Wyoming Water Development small project funding was matched with permittees and BLM funds to implement a series of projects including nine upland wells, three reservoirs, two pipelines and riparian corridor electric fencing. Five riparian sites are monitored in the fall and spring to measure use levels by livestock and wildlife. Fencing provides for summer rest in hopes of promoting willow growth along the river.

  • Jack Morrow Hills SEIS Implementation – Serves as the District’s liaison in implementing the plan.
  • Rock Springs resource Management Plan (RMP) Cooperator
  • Regional Economic Model (REMI) and Transportation Plan
  • Kemmerer RMP and Moxa Arch EIS – District liaison
  • Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI) Chairman, 2011-2012
Tom Burris

Tom Burris – Board Vice-Chairman

Eden Valley Irrigation District

Bitter Creek Killpecker Creek Watershed Advisory Group - Co-Chair currently implementing the Bitter Creek and Killpecker Creek Watershed Plan.

Seedling Tree Program Supervisor Liaison.

Jean Dickinson

Jean Dickinson – Urban Supervisor

Coalition of Local Governments – Liaison for SWCCD

Cooperating Agency to the Hiawatha EIS Programmatic agreement - Serves as the liaison for the District.

Rawlins Field Office Visual Resource Management Plan and ACEC.

Rawlins Resource Management Plan

Continental Divide Creston EIS – District Liaison

Tran west Transmission Line EIS – District Liaison

Energy Gateway South Transmission Line EIS – District Liaison

Rock Springs resource Management Plan (RMP) Cooperator

Sage Grouse Revision EIS - District Liaison

Ashley National Forest Motorized Travel Plan and Forest Revision- Serves as the liaison for the District

Daley Allotment Memorandum of Understanding, (MOU)

Serves as the liaison between the affected conservations districts, Rawlins Field Office, and Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

Tri-State MOU - Sweetwater Wyoming, Moffat County Colorado, and Daggett County Utah State NRCS for Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. - Serves as the liaison for the District.

Joshua Coursey

Joshua Coursey – Board Treasurer


Stephanie Anderson – Rural Supervisor

Board Secretary

District Staff Personnel, Consultants, and Special Thanks

Karen Pecheny

Karen Pecheny – District Clerk

Administrative Duties, which include - Administrate daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual records and reports for the District. She attends Board, Area V, committee, staff meetings, Conventions and various applicable training.

Budgeting and maintaining files and daily business

Tree Program Coordinator – oversee tree sales and distribution.

Education and Outreach Coordinator

Justin Caudill

Justin Caudill – Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA) - Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI)

Justin is the Ag Program Coordinator for the WDA and WLCI, along with his full work load, he regularly attends SWCCD Board Meetings. The District appreciates his hard work, updates on projects, help in finding funding sources and wiliness to research. The District gives special thanks to Justin and everything that he brings to the District.

Dennis Doncaster

Dennis Doncaster – Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Hydrologist

Dennis is the hydrologist for BLM, and has helped the District with water quality projects on Bitter Creek. The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) has requested SWCCD to gather high flow data of the creek to support Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development and Dennis has helped in collecting samples for that effort. Dennis continues to attend and support the Bitter Creek Watershed Advisory Group (BKWAG) and its efforts for cleaner water. The District gives special thanks to Dennis for his knowledge and expertise.

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