Sage Grouse

Marking Fences to Reduce Sage-Grouse (and Other Bird) Collisions in Wyoming

Fence collisions have been shown to cause injury and mortality to sage-grouse and other birds in some areas. Permanent markers can reduce fence strikes by making fence wires more visible.
Recommended markers are 3” long and 1.5” high. They are made from undersill siding material, and they easily clip on a barbed-wire fence. They do not cause wear to the wire and are not an eyesore. We recommend two markers on the top wire between fence posts spaced 1 rod (16”) apart.
Free markers are being made available via the attached application to private landowners for use on private and state lands in Wyoming based on a priority ranking that considers (but is not restricted to): 1) the property is within a defined Wyoming Sage-Grouse Core Area; 2) the fence is near a documented sage-grouse lek; 3) the fence cuts across winter habitat or is adjacent to a riparian area or field used by grouse in the summer; 4) documented fence strikes. Markers will be available until the supply is exhausted. Funding for the markers was made available through the Wyoming State Legislature’s approval of the 2008 budget for local sage-grouse projects. The Niobrara Conservation District and Wyoming Game and Fish Department administer the project.
A simple form will be provided to those receiving markers so results can be reported. Markers may not be sold.